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Welcome to Grupo Los Pueblos

Grupo Los Pueblos is a merger of several companies engaged in design, architecture, construction, marketing and real estate for sale including residences, apartments, shopping malls, offices and other projects. The name “Los Pueblos” synthesises our philosophy of service and wellbeing for all those related in any way to our companies, whether customers or members.


More than 3 decades of successful projects

Grupo Los Pueblos focuses on creating large innovative projects with the highest quality standards.

Our customers confidently invest in projects of Grupo Los Pueblos because they can rely on our expertise in real estate and project management as well as our outstanding design. Our experts understand the importance of details to create unique environments.

We are incredibly proud of the quality of our products and services. Over the years, our homes, condominiums, shopping centres, offices and complexes for diverse purposes have been successful developments of great value to the country.